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Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Otoplasty surgery can be used to improve the positioning and/or appearance of ears that are too small, too large, protruding or uneven. Especially common for improving confidence and self-esteem among children and teenagers, Mainline Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jason Bloom also uses this low-risk procedure to repair injuries that have affected the appearance of one or both ears. Otoplasty involves reshaping the cartilage through incisions that are hidden behind or inside the ear.


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before and after otoplasty ear pinning front
before and after otoplasty ear pinning side
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Recovery involves rest and restricted activity for up to a week, and the ears will remain bandaged for at least the first few days. Depending on the extent of the otoplasty, dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches may be used. Non-dissolvable stitches are generally removed after one week. Final results are permanent and visible within two weeks, though the appearance of the ears may continue to refine for up to 12 months as residual swelling subsides.

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