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Mid-Face Lift

A full facelift isn’t the only facial rejuvenation option, and some patients can achieve their aesthetic goals with a mid-face lift. Unlike a full facelift, a mid-face lift concentrates on the area from beneath the eyes to the top of the mouth. This facial plastic plastic surgery procedure helps improve the appearance of undereye hollows, sunken cheeks and the folds on the sides of the mouth. Usually more appropriate for younger patients who do not have sagging in the lower face, a mid-face lift provides a more subtle outcome than a full facelift, and a refreshed, rejuvenated look that lasts longer than the results achieved with injectables.


Before & After Photos

before and after Mid-Face Lift front
before and after Mid-Face Lift side
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Depending on a patient’s unique needs and goals, Mainline Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jason Bloom may place incisions inside the lower lashline or within the hairline at the temples. Expect about a week of recovery after a mid-face lift, although this can vary depending on the techniques used. Because a mid-face lift is less invasive than a full facelift, results are often visible sooner due to less swelling and bruising.


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