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Buccal Fat Removal

A common cause of an overly round face, the buccal fat pads reside beneath the cheekbones on the sides of the mouth. Reducing or removing the extra fullness caused by these pads of fat adds a more defined appearance to the face and helps cheekbones look more prominent.



Buccal fat removal is performed through incisions that are hidden within the mouth near the molars. The fat pads are removed and trimmed to the ideal size for the patient’s facial structure and then replaced. Recovery involves soreness and swelling for up to 14 days, however there is usually no visible bruising. Stiches are generally removed after 10 days, and a special diet of non-acidic foods may be recommended during recovery. Initial improvement can be seen in as little as a week or two, but it can take up to four months to see final results as residual swelling subsides.


Before & After Photos

before and after Buccal Fat Removal front
before and after Buccal Fat Removal side
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Because removing too much buccal fat can lead to a gaunt appearance (especially as natural aging progresses), Mainline Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jason Bloom takes a conservative approach and may recommend additional facial plastic surgery procedures or non-invasive treatments like injectable fillers to create proportion amongst the facial features.

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